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Angels message for March…..

Angels message for March….. On this Sunday afternoon, it is a sunny warm day of 35 degrees.  It has been a while since we have seen the sun out and warmer, then 20 degrees, in north of Boston, MA. The town is a bit more awake, and there are some, that are even walking around …

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A Different Perspective of Valentine’s Day, from my heart to yours

By Peg Jones Did you ever think of the different ways we use the word heart?  The ways that we use the word HEART, in positive and also in ways that can be negative.  Well I thought about doing just that today, and so I sat down, and I was able to come up with …

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Random moments of Inspiration are always present in our lives

Random moments of Inspiration are always present in our lives I have been finding, that when I am writing with the angels is quite interesting, when you think of it, but it can be very harrowing, too. I say that because I usually have no clue what I am going to be writing, until the …

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September’s message from Archangel Michael

        This month is the special month commemorating Archangel Michael. The day that he is celebrated is September 29 th. Many traditions call his day Michaelmas or Feast of Archangel Michael. So this month, i will be sharing a channeling from Archangel Michael each week. Next week we will have a new …

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