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Trees all around

TREES The trees they speak to me. As I sit here, I sense their call. As they sit outside, standing so tall. I love to hear the words, they share, I feel in my heart that they do care They warn me, of what I need to know Understanding the importance, of being in the …

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8 Ways of How to make the Holiday Season Stress-free

8 Ways of How to make the Holiday Season Stress free By Peg Jones It’s the week before Thanksgiving and we are in a panic because, we have to cook three apple pies and 3 vegetable dishes, cook two turkeys, get 20lbs of mashed potatoes ready for dinner at 3 pm, with 20 people coming …

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Teleseminar Series: Understanding your Angels: Humor and the Angels

Happy Friday. I just wanted to share a teleseminar series I am offering on October 17 th… You can go to my site to make the payment. These talks are a good way to familiar yourself about how the angels communicate with you and how to feel the energy of the angels at anytime.. …

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Writing with the Angels

Writing with the Angels By Peg Jones The first I had heard about inspirational writing, was at a website, who offered a class in doing this.. We were brought through a visual meditation, and then we were to write with the intention that we were to write the words that our guides or spirit was …

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Boston Town, My kind of Town

Boston Town, My kind of Town By Peg Jones Living in your heart place helps you to see and feel things in a different light. It is a way to help to feel life in a more positive way and to stay in that place more easily.  The angels always ask me to imagine the …

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Angels are among us

The Angels are among us, dancing up above. Letting us know they are here for us and always showing us their love The Angels are dancing, with many in a row, They are with us at all times helping us to grow. I feel my angels whispering something I need to know I let them whisper …

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