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Thank you, Dr. Dyer A month before Dr. Wayne Dyer had passed, he was in a dream I had one evening.  In the dream we were having a conversation, and from what I can recall, it was as if he was giving me advice, about my work. He was speaking and also sharing advice, about …

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8 Ways of How to make the Holiday Season Stress-free

8 Ways of How to make the Holiday Season Stress free By Peg Jones It’s the week before Thanksgiving and we are in a panic because, we have to cook three apple pies and 3 vegetable dishes, cook two turkeys, get 20lbs of mashed potatoes ready for dinner at 3 pm, with 20 people coming …

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What does hope mean for you?

What does hope mean for you? B y Peg Jones   HOPE of the past HOPE for now HOPE for my future Where is your hope focused on, at this very minute? If it was hope from the past, does it still ring true for you?  Or can you move from it, because it’s no …

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