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Thank you, Dr. Dyer A month before Dr. Wayne Dyer had passed, he was in a dream I had one evening.  In the dream we were having a conversation, and from what I can recall, it was as if he was giving me advice, about my work. He was speaking and also sharing advice, about …

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Humor and our Angels

By Peg JoneS Angels have a sense of humor…The angel’s wants us to enjoy life.  Have a good laugh at yourself every now and again for taking life seriously.  Then take time to laugh with the angels!” -Margaret Neylon When I found this quote tonight, I felt that this would be a good thing to …

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Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.

    Angels are around you and keeping you calm. Angels are helping you to feel the peace within your heart. Let the angels take care of your worries and let them help to show you the way to positive outcomes. When the angels guide you to safety and peace know that Archangel Michael is …

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Angelical Whispers, angel Message for November 4, 2012

Angelical Whispers angel message for November 4, 2012. Dear Children, We wish you a Happy Sunday or whatever the day is in your part of world. We ask that you let the light shine today in your hearts and to be at peace with all that is. Yes there has been devastation in parts of the …

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Angel Message for September 2, 2012

Angelical whispers, angel message of September 2,2012. What color is today for you. Is it a blue day or is it a green day where you work from your heart. Working from your heart means that the angels are with you. They are sharing your joy as they always do. Working for your heart, the …

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Keeping Life In Balance

I have 0ften used the kayak as an example of keep our lives in balance. I even have a picture of someone kayaking and then speaking about keeping things in balance. Since I had written that small bit about the kayak, I have thought of that metaphor often. Lately, I have thought about the different …

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