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The Awakening

The Awakening By Peg Jones   In recent days, I have felt the energies of the universe to be so severe Every fear and hope has come and passed through my being. I have felt, all the pain that others feel Their frustrations My frustrations And my hopes I have been in a place of …

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A Thanksgiving Message: 8 Ideas about how we can be grateful for all we have in 2014 By Peg Jones

    A Thanksgiving Message: 8 Ideas about how we can begrateful for all we have in 2014 By Peg Jones   A year has passed and the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us.  This day marks the beginning of the holiday season for those of us in the USA.  Before I write of the activities …

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Spiritual Journal

Have you ever thought of starting a spiritual journal? From the time, I received my first diary as a young girl till I was in my 20’s; I had always done some kind of journaling.  In my 20’s, I kept a journal/ diary, about the ups and downs my life was taking at the time.  …

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A message to the Light workers, from Archangel Michael

Today, September 29th, is the feast of Archangel Michael. He is one of my favorite Archangels and he one of the Archangels, I work very closely with. He is the one I always ask to accompany me on a trip in the car, along with Archangels Gabriel, AA Raphael and Archangel Ariel. I always make …

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A message from our angels

This post says it all to me in a nutshell. When we ask the angels for help, it is given to us, even if we feel that nothing is happening in our lives. We sometimes think that because a wish or a goal, we may have for ourselves or others and nothing is happening that …

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Archangel Michael: A Message for all Healers

Dear Archangel Michael Good morning to you and how are you doing this morning? I have a question for you at this time What more can you tell me dear Archangel Michael about our individual calls and our participation in the call to serve others as light workers? Dear Children The coming together of the …

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