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Being who I am, today

I am finding that when changes occur within my heart. there are reasons for this occurrence   Blessings are in abundance, when I decide to notice they are present learning to see the truth of staying my power is the first step to self empowerment with kindness, yet stating my truth always listening to my soul, …

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The Awakening

The Awakening By Peg Jones   In recent days, I have felt the energies of the universe to be so severe Every fear and hope has come and passed through my being. I have felt, all the pain that others feel Their frustrations My frustrations And my hopes I have been in a place of …

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A Different Perspective of Valentine’s Day, from my heart to yours

By Peg Jones Did you ever think of the different ways we use the word heart?  The ways that we use the word HEART, in positive and also in ways that can be negative.  Well I thought about doing just that today, and so I sat down, and I was able to come up with …

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8 Ways of How to make the Holiday Season Stress-free

8 Ways of How to make the Holiday Season Stress free By Peg Jones It’s the week before Thanksgiving and we are in a panic because, we have to cook three apple pies and 3 vegetable dishes, cook two turkeys, get 20lbs of mashed potatoes ready for dinner at 3 pm, with 20 people coming …

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Summertime and the Angels

  By Peg Jones Summer time is here and the going is easy….  I love the summertime, even though its only 3 -4 months in the Northeast of the USA.  The days are full of warm sunny days and we live our days pretty carefree, and lot less thinking negative thoughts.  Life seems to be …

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Happy New Year 2014

  Happy New Year 2014 Happy New Year to all for a wonderful year we are about to embark. Let put the sad and negative things behind us, not dwell too much on this and look forward to what this New Year can bring to us. For some that may be difficult, but for most …

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Teleseminar Series: Understanding your Angels: Humor and the Angels

Happy Friday. I just wanted to share a teleseminar series I am offering on October 17 th… You can go to my site to make the payment. These talks are a good way to familiar yourself about how the angels communicate with you and how to feel the energy of the angels at anytime.. …

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Boston Town, My kind of Town

Boston Town, My kind of Town By Peg Jones Living in your heart place helps you to see and feel things in a different light. It is a way to help to feel life in a more positive way and to stay in that place more easily.  The angels always ask me to imagine the …

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Keeping Life In Balance

I have 0ften used the kayak as an example of keep our lives in balance. I even have a picture of someone kayaking and then speaking about keeping things in balance. Since I had written that small bit about the kayak, I have thought of that metaphor often. Lately, I have thought about the different …

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