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8 Ways of How to make the Holiday Season Stress-free

8 Ways of How to make the Holiday Season Stress free By Peg Jones It’s the week before Thanksgiving and we are in a panic because, we have to cook three apple pies and 3 vegetable dishes, cook two turkeys, get 20lbs of mashed potatoes ready for dinner at 3 pm, with 20 people coming …

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Angelic Guidance for all

  Tonight I have asked the angels what they want to share with all of you.  I have a few thoughts and so I am going to just share what they are, and what I feel the angels want to share with us on this. The years, that I have worked with people, in offering …

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Coming Soon: June 1-30 OmTimes Magazine 30 Day Challenge of Conscious Living

                                                                             Coming soon OM Times and Gaiam TV online magazine and website is hosting a  30 Day Conscious …

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Angelical Whispers, angel message for December 2012 I cannot believe it will be December of 2012 very soon. This year has gone by really fast. There have been a lot of interesting things happening this past year, for everyone living on the earth plane.  We have had times of great happiness and times that have …

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Angelical Whispers, Angel message for November 21,2012

    Let peace comes to those who are feeling some inner turmoil at this.  Please understand that the energies at this time are very powerful all on the earth plane. This year every one feels the pull of the universe. We are behind one eclipse and another one is coming really soon on the …

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Angelical Whispers, Angel message for November 5, 2012

Angelical whispers, Angel message for November 5,  2012 The angels are asking each of us to take the time each day to think of what we are truly grateful for in our lives.   They have been telling me that we forget the little things that are truly a blessing in our lives.  It seems to me …

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