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Writing with the Angels

Writing with the Angels By Peg Jones The first I had heard about inspirational writing, was at a website, who offered a class in doing this.. We were brought through a visual meditation, and then we were to write with the intention that we were to write the words that our guides or spirit was …

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Angelical Whispers, Angel Message for October 21,2012

Dear Angels, What message do you have for us today.  The angels are with you today, on this day of promises from  all those on earth. The angels ask that you keep to the promises, given to all.  The angels want you to know that they are here with you, on this day of global …

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Angelical Whisper, Angel message for 10/16/2012

Have hope dear children, for you find that times are difficult.  Ask us for guidance and for direction that is needed at this time.  We are here with you; helping you to find your answers. Listen carefully for we will assist you when you ask for help.  We ask you to hear our messages of …

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Angelical Whispers, Angel message for October 8, 2012

Dear Children, When living in the heart place, you only know of love and of peace. You know that God’s love is very real.   And that your guides and Angels love you too.  In know this, you also feel this love, deep with the core of your soul. You find that life is a bit …

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Angelical Whispers, Angel message for September 17, 2012

Dear Angels, What message do you have for us today? We will say this to you today.  The season is changing and the weather in some areas is becoming cooler.  The trees will be showing their colors and the farmers will be harvesting their crops for their winter months.  The leaves are falling off the …

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